Reference customers

Below you can see some of our references who use our surgical accessories today.

Johan Lundh Leg. Anesthesia nurse

How important are the surgical accessories that you choose to use?
For me and my colleagues, it is important that the accessories on the operating table should be easy to handle and comfortable for the patient.It should be easy to work without friction and interference.

What do you think are the biggest advantages of Reison Medical’s surgical accessories?
The biggest advantages of Reison Medical’s surgical accessories are that they are easy to use.The fastening device is one example, very simple and flexible to work with.

Is there a particular product that you like a little extra?
I like the armboards from Reison. They are easy to handle, very flexible and easy to work with, partly because they can be adjusted laterally and in height to optimize the position of the patient and thus avoid wrong postures that can cause medical damage.

Johan Lundh
Leg. Anesthesia nurse
Västmanland Hospital,
Västerås, Sweden


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