Tube Holder Small

Tube Holder Small is a flexible and agile model with a short flexible arm that can be adjusted to different angles and which is suitable for situations where you need to collect a few smaller cables/tubes.

This tube holder has an angled plate and is provided with a smaller round ”flower” that is suitable for smaller to medium-sized tubes/cables with dimensions ø3, ø6, ø14, ø16, ø17 and ø18.

The plate and the ”flower” are made of a durable PMMA plastic. The plate is placed under the mattress of the operating table.

Dimensions plate: 121x80x230 mm
Lenght of flex arm: 30 cm

Specifications for Tube Holder Small

Part Number 10-610
Weight 0.3 kg
Safe working load

0,1 Kg

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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