Robot Shield

  • Minimizes the risk of accidental injury
  • Increases safety for both patients and staff
  • Can enable more advanced procedures

Reison Medical’s operating table robot shield is an essential surgical accessory used to ensure that patients and staff are protected from potential hazards that may arise when using surgical robots. The robot guard is specially designed to prevent the robot’s tools from coming into contact with unwanted areas during surgery, thus protecting the patient and staff from injury.

The robot shield is made of a strong and durable material that can withstand pressure that may occur during the operation. The shield is also designed to be easy to clean and disinfect to minimize the risk of infection. The robot shield is transparent so the patient’s condition can be controlled at all times.

In horizontal position, the guard can be angled and locked with a ball joint with 10º pitch. By using a robot shield for your operating table, the risk of accidental injuries can be minimized and thereby increase the safety of both patients and staff. This allows surgeons to perform more advanced procedures with greater precision, which in turn can lead to better outcomes and faster recovery for patients.

Clamp included: 10-304-P

Specifications for Robot Shield

Part Number 10-316









Stainless steel, PC High viscosity

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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