Leg Strap with clamps

This is our Leg & Body strap with “hook on” clamps and easy locking.

The primary purpose of the Leg & body Strap for operating tables is to securely position a patient’s lower limbs during surgery. The leg strap provides a firm and adjustable hold on the patient’s legs, minimizing movement of the patient during the surgical process.

  • Strap length 170cm
  • Upholstered length 54cm
  • Upholstered width 12cm
  • Clamp width 6cm

10-373, 10-373-Soft

Also available for US and UK rail:
10-373-US, 10-373-UK.

Specifications for Leg Strap with clamps

Part Number 10-373, 10-373-Soft





Polyester, Manchette fabric, aluminum, Stainless steel

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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Reison Medical®

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