Armboard clamps – for armboards without spacer

Reison offers a wide range of innovative products for operating tables, our armboard clamps are no exception. Our Spare Clamp for Reison Armboards are suitable for armboards without spacer, and are compatible with old Reison Armboards as well.

Mounting is very easy: the surgical table rail clamp is to be hooked from the upper side of the rail. You lock it by turning the lock lever until you hear a slight clicking sound.  


Surgical table clamps made in Sweden 

Reison invents, constructs and manufactures all of our products inhouse in Sweden. This means that our customers have a great flexibility when ordering from us, and it means that our production and products fulfills the required ISO, EN and BS standards.  

Contact Reison

Do you need more information about our surgical table rail clamps or our other products for operating tables? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Reison, we will be happy to help you out! 

Specifications for Armboard clamps - for armboards without spacer

Part Number 10018








Fastening rail (EUR)


Fastening rail (US)


Fastening rail (UK)



Stainless steel, Aluminum

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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