Armboard with clamp, without spacer

Our very popular armboard with clamp without spacer allows to get closer to the operating table during surgery.

The armboard is constructed with precision and quality in mind. Its frame is made of high-quality materials that are both light and strong, making it easy to adjust at the operating table to suit each surgeon’s needs and preferences.

Recommended cushions & accessories (not included):

  • 10-181, Flat, moulded polyurethane foam
  • 10-182, U-shaped, moulded polyurethane foam
  • 10-383, Armboard strap
  • 10-383-L, Armboard strap long

A clamp without spacer is included (part no. 10018, 10018-US, 10018-UK) depending on version.


Specifications for Armboard with clamp, without spacer

Part Number 10-380-M-N

670 mm


220 mm






Stainless steel

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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