Armboard with rotatable clamp, curved plate

This Armboard with it´s one hand operated balljoint release is identical too part no. 10-380 but it has a  rotatable clamp (10-307-P) with “hook on” function (e.g. for “beach chair” position).

Lenght: 605 mm, Post 140 mm

Clamp for US and UK accessory side rail is also available:
10-387-US, 10-387-UK.

Recommended Cushions are:

10-381, Flat, moulded polyurethane foam

10-382, U-shaped, moulded polyurethane foam

10-382-H, U-shaped medisoft comfort cushion

10-382-HT, U-shaped medisoft comfort cushion, Extra high (70 mm)

Specifications for Armboard with rotatable clamp, curved plate

Part Number 10-387
Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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