Anesthesia Screen for Operating Table

An Anesthesia Screen plays an important role during an operation and helps to block the operating site from the patient’s field of vision, which reduces the patient’s anxiety and distraction that may come with watching the surgeon´s movements.

The Anesthesia Screen is used to hold a sterile sheet that can be hung anywhere along the patient’s body during a surgical procedure.

Reison’s popular Anesthesia Screen (10-310) is delivered together with clamp (10-307). The Anesthesia Screen can also be used on British and American side rails by ordering clamp: 10-307-US or 10-307-UK.

Clamp included: 10-307, 10-307-AUS, 10-307-US, 10-307-UK depending on version

Specifications for Anesthesia Screen for Operating Table

Part Number 10-310



min 530mm max 780mm






Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass

Svensk innovation
CE Certifikat

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