The best accessories for surgical and operating tables on the market!

Reison Medical provides a wide range of user friendly OR-accessories, meeting customers demands on high quality and versatility.

Product Launch: New tube holders!

Reison Medical is pleased to present our new product family in the tube holder category!

The purpose of tube holders is to facilitate operations by collecting tubes and cables so that they are not in the way.

  • Reduced risk of tripping or getting caught in cables or tubes surrounding the operating table.
  • Minimizes risk of dropping important instruments on the floor.

Read more about the new Tube Holders below or at our website. Contact us for a product demo or to place an order!

Accessories for operating tables

We provide accessories for operating tables for a wide rage of anesthetic applications like: 

  • ophthalmic 
  • bariatric
  • urological as well as 
  • miscellaneous products and applications. 

Accessories for surgical and operating tables made in Sweden

We at Reison have our own production and distribution of OR-accessories. This means great advantages and flexibility for you as a customer. It also implies that every one of our products fulfills high quality standards and standards for functionality.  

What we do for you


For over 20 years, Reison has been trusted by caregivers and business partners for orthopedic and surgical quality products, excellent support and service whenever needed.


We at Reison understand our customers' needs for fast deliveries. To meet these requirements, we always try to deliver our operating table accessories and our other products, the day following a received order.

Swedish Craftsmanship

For us, manufacturing is a passion. All our products are manufactured in Sweden. Safety, quality and usability are paramount in all our products.

Our Product offering


Our customers

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Reison Medical is pleased to present our new product family in the tube holder category! The purpose of tube holders is to facilitate operat... READ MORE

Reison Medical AB are proud to announce our new ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Certification, which ensures that we perform at the highes... READ MORE

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